HD Pro Pianos Refill

Read what one person had to say but even more listen to the music this person makes…truly amazing, their words are backed up by their music. Take some time to listen to all the music on their SoundCloud page and you will realize what they say is real.

“I am absolutely astounded! Basically all my songs contain piano and this refill now opened up a whole new world. Before it was like playing with gloves, with your refill I access a considerably wider dynamic range that allows me to play in a whole new way. It is by far the absolute best piano refill I´ve tested and sets a new limit to what I can do, it is infinitely good !!!https://soundcloud.com/designetic

The Pro Pianos refill for Propellerheads Reason will work in Reason 3.o + and is a 314mb download in a .zip file format that you will need to uncompress. You will get two amazing pianos, two NNXT and two Combinators. You will have 2 pianos that feel, play and sound like no others piano refills you have played before.

HD Pro Grand Piano

HD Studio Pro Piano

Pro Pianos Refill for Propellerheads Reason is two great Pianos sampled at 24/48 and retained into the refill to capture the true sound of these great Pianos using our True Velocity Technology. The Pro Grand is based on a Yamaha Medium Grand that has 13 velocity levels to give you the truest dynamics and feel of playing a real piano. There are 338 samples with natural decays up to and over 10 Seconds that sound amazing. The Pro Grand is geared for the purest of classical to that must have metal piano for the gothic feel and everything in between. The Studio Pro is based on a Steinway Baby Grand and has 7 velocity levels that feel and sound awesome, there are 234 samples with natural decays up to and over 10 seconds that sound amazing. The Studio Pro is geared for all things not classical and more for pop,rock and the other 100’s of genres there are. With these two pianos we are very confident you will need no other pianos in your Reason Piano Arsenal.

Each Piano comes with one NNXT and one Combinator. The combinator for each is a simple yet very powerful controller to help you dial in just the right tone you want. Each NNXT is programed with a Tremolo which can come in very handy. The Pro Pianos Refill is all about great piano feel and sound, it packs a lot of High Definition samples and velocity levels second to none and the only way to truly understand the quality is to play them.

We also make tutorials to help you dial in the Piano sound you are looking for, please feel free to request one on anyone of our social websites. You will find the tutorials for this Refill here on this page and on our YouTube Site.

Download the Combinator here

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